Magic of a children’s book

I thought this day for me would end with a persisting headache, stiff shoulders, dry tired eyes, and a low spirit. But a quick visit to the office pantry before going home changed the mood of my day. Thanks to Leonie, our cashier at the Finance and Accounting  department. She greeted me shyly and said she had been meaning to tell me something but either kept forgetting or felt awkward to start a conversation.

In a soft voice, she said she realized only recently that I am the author of Ang Bagong Kaibigan ni Bing Butiki. All her four grown-up children loved the book, she said. When they were kids (and Leonie wasn’t with OMF Lit yet), they would keep asking her to read the book to them at bedtime. And being the loving mom, she would always oblige. So, my humble story of a house lizard jumping off the ceiling to make friends with a cute, little girl became  the favorite bedtime story of Leony’s four children.

I asked Leony how old are her children now. She said her eldest is 22 and her youngest 15! Wow!

All the physical pain I bore the whole day (and the few days before) miraculously vanished after that chat with Leony in the pantry. I was reminded once again that each children’s book —big or small, bestseller or not; award-winning or not—will reach the kids it’s meant to reach and touch their hearts in a magical, delightful, wonderful way! Especially when it’s written from that place in the writer’s heart that keeps dreaming and hoping.


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