Yesterday when the rains poured hard again, and at noontime today as the downpour seemed unstoppable, I couldn’t help but think about last week, at the Manila International Book Fair. In the wake of two impending typhoons throughout the week,  I anxiously prayed for good weather.  On the first two days of the fair we had moderate rain showers from 3pm onwards. But, by the grace of the One whose Voice all of creation heed, the typhoons changed their course, and the sun was up, and we saw no downpour on the next three days. Instead, we experienced a downpour of visitors –old friends (fellow “people of the Book”); new acquaintances, and curious strangers came to  our booth at Aisle I to “READiscover” with us the “Life-Changing Word; World-Changing Truth” we share through the books we publish and distribute. Also, we received a downpour of thanks and encouraging words for how we “inspire people through the printed word” (as a book fair guest posted on his Facebook timeline).

2(Photo by Jon De Vera)


  (Photos by Nixon Na)


This morning, at our midweek staff devotions at OMF Lit, we gathered to celebrate a record-breaking success at last week’s event.  Realizing what we had accomplished in just five days, I felt a sense of wonder and gratitude for the daily grace poured down on us at the book fair.

At lunchbreak, as I sat alone in my room and watched the pouring rain, I listened to my soul as it whispered, “Thank you, Abba, for granting a simple request from your child of feeble faith. And thank you for Your overwhelming downpour of grace.”

yna-with-seed-kids(Photo by Trixie de la Pena)

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