Back to Blogging

Thanks to book author and blogger Tim Challies,  for his blog post, “Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging (or Why You Should Consider Starting”).  It reminded me that I do have a blog! This blog! And that it needs to be revived and put to good use especially at such a time as this.

Thanks to another book author and faithful blogger Grace Chong for the advice to “BLOG, Yna. No ifs, buts, or maybes.” Just blog.

Thanks to an FB friend, Bambi for making me believe that I live an “inspired life” that I can share through writing.

And thanks to my prayer partner, Nor for giving me a reason to keep plodding on so she can “follow [my] footsteps.”

Because of your encouraging words, I’m back to blogging!

But most of all, it’s because—

LIFE becomes more meaningful when its details are put into words.

EXPERIENCE becomes more relevant when shared with others.

WORDS come to life when strung together for a purpose.

STORIES connect our hearts and remind us that we’re not alone.

And perhaps I could make the most of my keyboard with just 300 words or more? Three times a week maybe? 

And perhaps I could  . . . 

Reach ten readers at least? Or a hundred, who knows?

And then perhaps I could . . .

Make someone smile? Or cry?

Or ask, “Why?”

Or whisper, “Aha!”

Or shout, “Amen!”

With a blog post, simple and true?

Yes, I think I’m back to blogging for good!


4 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Blog on…I will definitely read and blog myself. I still have not created the website for my blogs. But I plan to follow your footsteps. You have got to help me with my baby steps.

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