Our Children are NOT Criminals! (My response to the House Bill lowering the age of criminal liability to 9 years old)

They are under attack! They’re being used as scapegoats in the government’s losing battle against well-connected mafias and drug lords. Their rights are being crushed because they are voiceless and vulnerable. Their future is being peddled in exchange for political gain and power. They’re being demonized by the monsters inhabiting the House of “pusoy.” The predators are out to exploit and destroy them if we, the adults that have the voice choose to be silent, cowardly, and heartless.

Will we fail our children yet again?

We have failed them when we let thieves rob this country, again and again, election after election. How could our country with its rich natural and manpower resources remain in poverty and darkness for so many years? Why have we empowered despots, crooks, liars, and idiots? How long are we going to play the helpless victims in the horror story we have recklessly written for ourselves? How could we live with ourselves when this evil bill is passed because we didn’t care enough to do something to stop it ?!

Will we do NOTHING? AGAIN?!

Will we let these impostors make criminals of our children? Only those with criminal minds can imagine that 9-year-olds can conceive, plan, and execute a murder, a robbery, a rape! Only those who have killed the child in their hearts can destroy the future of the poor and marginalized children of this country.

My youngest nephews are 9 and 13. I see in them the other Filipino children of their age. They love listening to a good story. They giggle at every funny joke. They dance hip-hop without any care in the world. They play the guitar and sing “Mundo” like they really get what it means. They ask hard questions about God and life, and everything that matters to them.  I see in them the dreamers and future builders of this country; the poets, storytellers, and artists that will nurture the soul of this nation; the good-doers that will shine their light on the darkness that this present generation has let pierce this country through their bad choices.

Our children are a glimmer of hope for our sad and dark republic. They are NOT the criminals in this country! It’s about time we name and run after the real criminals. Until they are convicted and thrown in jail, they will keep bullying, threatening, and endangering the lives of our children. And this country will remain poor, sick, and hopelessly lost! My countrymen, please speak out and fight for our children now and save this country from its fatal folly.


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