Some things just can’t be rushed

Did I really have to get sick for a few days to get back to personal writing? 

Staying in bed for the past three days made me realize that there are just some things in life that can’t be rushed. And, if we are to be honest, many of these are the things that really matter. Like . . .

  • healing — of sickness or heartache
  • resting — in bed . . . on a promise . . . in a good God
  • watching the sunset, or flowers in bloom, or dancing fountains, or frolicking children (or any object of beauty)
  • sleeping a good 8 hours or more . . .
  • sipping a bowl of hearty hot soup, or a cup of hot choco or coffee
  • digesting the food we eat
  • spending quality time with a loved one
  • engaging in thoughtful conversation
  • nurturing a relationship


  • taking a walk
  • thinking, meditating, making an important decision
  • reading good literature or a moving personal testimony
  • writing . . . rewriting . . . editing one’s work
  • publishing a book
  • planting a tree and watching it grow
  • reaping a harvest
  • the passing of seasons
  • praying and listening to God
  • listening —  to people, to ourselves, to nature, to our favorite music
  • spiritual growth and transformation
  • creating a work of art
  • roasting “lechon” (roast suckling pig) to perfection 🙂
  • baking chocolate cake
  • mastering a skill
  • implementing change . . . making a difference
  • composing a song, a poem, or a love letter
  • making love with the love of your life
  • or, perhaps just giving unexpected love a chance . . .

True. Some things just can’t be rushed. Especially the things that truly matter. Those good and beautiful things that make waiting so much worthwhile.